BAYLAN WATER METERS, is founded in 1955 in Turkey, now it continues it’s activities in 3 different factories in Turkey with staff of 530 people ad 40 engineers and as result of this, Baylan’s production capacity for water meters is 15 000 pcs per day.

Baylan is one of the leading manufacturers of water meters in the world with it’s quality and design. Baylan is the best solution in water industry all over the world with competitive prices.

In our facilities, we produce different types of water meters from 15 mm to 200 mm nominal diameters. All of our products are approved by official institutes of European countries according to EEC 75/33 and 2004/22/EC standards. All of our meters have EEC and CE approvals.

We produce wet, dry, cold and hot type water meters, volumetric and woltmann water meters, test benches, collectors and etc. 

To meet demand of new technologies, we always pay special attention to innovation and we produce also, AMR Automatic Meter Reading module, Ultrasonic heat meters, Ultrasonic water meters, GPRS-Prepaid Ultrasonic water meters and etc.